Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


I accept that if I have selected to become a member of the Grand Diva mailing list that I will receive periodic notification via email, text messaging and or conventional post outlining news, offers and other information relevant to their product and services.

I understand that all personal and business information provided by myself on this website including purchasing and address information, competition entries will be kept in a centralised database. I also understand that this information will be updated as and when requested only by myself or as authorised by me. I understand it is my right to have access to any of my personal details held by Grand DIva and that this information will be provided to me within a reasonable amount of time.

I understand that under no circumstances will Grand Diva sell my personal details to any other third party.

I understand that if I have subscribed to any mailing programs, it is my right to unsubscribe at any time by forwarding a request via the website “unsubscribe” or via email, stating unsubscribe in the subject box. I understand that all requests for deletion will be processed within a 14 day period from request date.

I have read and understand that the Grand DIva Privacy Policy, Returns Policy, Delivery Information and Size Chart and Selection information form part of the terms and conditions of use of this site and any orders placed or interactions with Grand Diva are subject to these terms and conditions.  

For Wholesale Customers 

Further to the above, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Wholesale Terms and Conditions included on this website on behalf of myself and my associated business.