Elegant Frill Dress with Sleeve in Navy

Model: GD18066
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Price: $229.00

Model: 5'8" Wearing a size 16.  111cm Bust, 98cm Waist and 128cm Hip.

This elegant lace dress is perfect for special occasions.  These dresses are designed with a little extra room in the waist and hip with a flatering skirt shape.  The fabric is a comfortable jersey lining with lovely intricate lace over.  

The full length of the dress (in size 14) is 112cm in the front from with the sheer lace starting at 94cm.  The sheer lace is a little longer in the back featuring an elegant dip in the centre back of an additional 10cm.  The sleeves measure 28cm from the shoulder with the width of 38cm.  These lengths and measurements do increase slightly per size. 

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